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Bird synsacrum

Observed: 23rd February 2013 By: andrea.1
Bird synsacrum

Roughly around 3 inches, found by Lake Windermere, Lake District.

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Looks like a backbone of a bird

All the best

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Backbone? Not skull?

Backbone? Not skull? Interesting.

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Editing record

It would be helpful if you could edit this record changing from a mammal to a bird


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There have been lots of similar pics of birds' synsacra on iSpot. Scroll through the carousel of pictures below yours and you'll see other very similar pictures...


My Flickr photos...

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Skull by Lake

Certainly not a skull, it's the pelvic bone (synsacra) of a bird.

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Thank you everyone. I have

Thank you everyone. I have corrected the labels.