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Chestnut-headed sparrow

Observed: 16th March 2013 By: bramblejunglebramblejungle’s reputation in Birdsbramblejungle’s reputation in Birdsbramblejungle’s reputation in Birdsbramblejungle’s reputation in Birds

This sparrow has a brown head - no sign of grey - but no cheek patches or white collar to suggest tree sparrow. Is it just an unusually-marked house sparrow?

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Any more photos?

Did you get any more shots of this bird?

I don't think that it is possible to identify this bird from this single photo.

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2nd photo

I've added a second shot showing the completely brown head - unfortunately no front views. I've had a suggestion that this just might be a Spanish Sparrow/P domesticus hybrid, but I think it's just as likely to be an aberrant P domesticus. Not one of the local colony of about 20 birds - I haven't seen it again.

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This bird or one like it is back, and I got a front view - will post as a new observation

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New photos

I've just seen the new photos, and I am now more convinced that this can be identified as a House x Tree Sparrow hybrid.

If you look closely at the photos there is a partial white collar, and also a small black cheek spot (joined to the 'point' of the chestnut cap which extends onto the cheek).

The new photos are posted here: