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Male Alomya semiflava or Amblyteles armatorius?

Observed: 29th September 2012 By: rod williamsrod williams’s reputation in Invertebratesrod williams’s reputation in Invertebratesrod williams’s reputation in Invertebratesrod williams’s reputation in Invertebrates
Ichneumon Wasp (Amblyteles armatorius) Lewisham,London September 2012  Male Parasitic Wasp (Alomya semiflava)
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With something like 100 postings of this (or a serious lookalike) on iSpot, you'd think, by now, the know-team would find a way of being able to ID.
We have this creature here, in Orkney, and I have posted it too.
If only 'twere a UK bird with yellow legs and a yellow band across its back, then we'd know!
Anyone know of a reasonable Web-Key?
Very good luck then!

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Thanks dejay - there was me thinking that Orkney meant year-round permafrost!

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ichneumonid wasp?

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Many thanks. I stramentor

Many thanks. I stramentor does look right

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The problem with identifying

The problem with identifying these is that there are actually many species that look very similar. There isn't just one ichneumon with yellow on the legs and across the pronotum, there are 60 or so. Quite a few species are fairly readily recognisable, to those who have taken the time to learn these things, but there are no web keys and males of different species are often incredibly similar, and very different from the females. Identification of male Ichneumon species often depends on such things as the shape of the 'temples' in a dorsal view of the head and on the shape and number of tyloids on antennal segments, which are impossible to see on photos. Ichneumon stramentor is a reasonably common and widespread species but there are other common and widespread species. There are a lot of photos of ichneumonines on the web associated with spurious names and it seems to encourage further dubious naming of specimens. If somebody who knows a lot more about the subfamily Ichneumoninae than me were to go through all these photos and reidentify where possible then that would be really useful.

Gavin Broad

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spurious names...

Gavin, that's a good response thanks.
I am amazed that it is like you say, considering ALL the detail in, for instance, butterflies or wasps (no need to go on about Birds!).
You are quite right with the error-perpetuation on the web and it's a very good thing that we (you) are more cautious here on iSpot (generally speaking) aren't we?
So thanks and I hope someone does take up your challenge.