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Nephrotoma sp

Observed: 26th April 2010 By: Tony TownerTony Towner’s reputation in InvertebratesTony Towner’s reputation in InvertebratesTony Towner’s reputation in Invertebrates

Found in a meadow near a large pond at Dolphin school. Not sure whether N.appendiculata, N.quadrifaria or N.flavescens. I seem to remember N.appendiculata has a black 'inverted-U'mark on side of thorax and N.quadrifaria a dark smudge on wing. Therefore could mine be N.flavescens?


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Not too sure about this one Tony. The first question is whether the wing has a pale or dark stigma (spot towards the end of the leading edge of the wing), and with the wings overlapping I'm finding that hard to judge - there does seem to be at least a faint stigma.

On general appearance it does look okay for N. flavescens, but my specimens of that have virtually no stigma at all.

If you have a side view that would be very helpful!

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Spotted Crane-fly

example appears to be female