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Ranunculaceae - Ranunculus sardous

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Ranunculaceae - Ranunculus sardous 1 (640x613)
Ranunculaceae - Ranunculus sardous 2 (484x640)
Ranunculaceae - Ranunculus sardous 3 (640x533)
Ranunculaceae - Ranunculus sardous 4 (640x481)
Ranunculaceas - Ranunculus  Bulbosus 6 (640x411)
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Reading the "official"book of

Reading the "official"book of Basque flowers edition 1999, both are very similar, and there is no mention about the length of hairs. Of course R. bulbous would show a bulb, but as I don't have a picture of it, the only difference I can see from drawings are the length of division in leaves. Apparently the bulbous has a slightly more deep division than sardous... so according to the picture I took, you may well be right

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Try Flora Iberica ( ...

... and see if that's any help. (There are several varieties of Ranunculus bulbosus in Spain.)

In Britain Ranunculus sardous is the "hairy buttercup", so I expect it to be more prominently hairy than the other species, but the photographs I looked at online looked pretty similar to Ranunculus bulbosus.

Ranunculus bulbosus is a grassland plant (in my experience a plant of short grassland), whilst, in Britain at least, Ranunculus sardous is an arable weed, so your habitat is a point in favour of the former.

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This might be it?

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Congratulation "lavateraguy"

Congratulation "lavateraguy" ! I went back t othe flower and it has a bulb... no doubt anymore