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Wood Mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus)

Observed: 12th March 2013 By: Bogey the FungusmanBogey the Fungusman’s reputation in MammalsBogey the Fungusman’s reputation in Mammals
Wood Mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus) Heritage Park St Mellons Cardiff 12-03-13 IMG_5835
Wood Mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus) Heritage Park St Mellons Cardiff 12-03-13 IMG_5991
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Is it a regional variation,or is this a very dark individual ?

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This is not Apodemus. It is

This is not Apodemus. It is far too dark, and the eye is far too small. House mouse or young brown rat.

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Not a rat

My partner used to keep rats and she is adamant that it is not a rat, and I agree with Gill it is far to delicate for a young rat, house mouse maybe but not a rat.


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outdoor house mice

Any info or links to studies of wholly outdoor living House Mice,e.g. House Mouse as Longworth catches ?

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Studies of house mice

If you enter 'Mus musculus Longworth' into Google Scholar there are some interesting-looking papers, including one about house mice in New Zealand forests!

Remember though that house mice are much less numerous than wood mice in the UK - 5.4m vs 38m wood mice, so the latter are much more likely to be caught in Longworth traps.

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looks like... mouse to me too. Colour not Apodemus.

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Thanks Gill,Will check them out.
Wondering if House Mice in rural buildings arrive from outside or via goods.
Also wondering if all mice seen on my trail cams are woodmice.
Hopefully the links will provide