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Bug found in house

Observed: 15th March 2013 By: theresadadun

I found this bug in the house. Would like to have it identified. Would like to know if it is dangerous? Common in the UK?

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ID comment

Slightly more than a bug, it looks like a Scorpion. How big was it please ?

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From tip of tail to head it

From tip of tail to head it is 3cm.

It's pincers are about 1.5cm long.

Theresa Dadun

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3cm is at the small end for Euscorpius flavicaudis (up to 4.5cm when mature). Although it is considered 'mildly vemonous', it is not normally aggressive. By all accounts its sting is 'no worse than a pin prick'. That makes it less painful than a wasp sting, for example, but I still wouldn't want to pick one up, though!

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Lovely little scorpion.

I have always thought it would be nice to have one of these in my wall to reduce the number of woodlice.

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woodlice :-) or scorpion :-)

A scorpion does sounds like more fun :-)