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Dog or fox?

Observed: 17th March 2013 By: Bob Perrey.

Spotted this animal while walking my dog this morning at Maiden Erleigh nature reserve. As you can see it is just skin and bones so i thought it must have been dead awhile but it was only a few feet off a well trodden path and i wondered how it could have lain undisturbed long enough to be in the state it is. I cant tell if its a fox or a dog. Can anyone enlighten me please.

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here is my find of a fox

here is my find of a fox skull.

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Is there any poaching in that area as from bone structure it looks very much like a lurcher type dog.I find it quite sad if this is a dog any nobody has missed it.


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dog or fox

I think that this is a fox skull / body, with almost certainty. The sinus areas above the orbits (eye sockets) aren't inflated enough to be a dog of any breed.

Also the canine teeth are too proportionately long, slim and delicate to be dog.