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2013-03-05 11.51.39

Observed: 5th March 2013 By: naturaltrossachsnaturaltrossachs’s reputation in Mammals
2013-03-05 11.51.39

This scat was found on the same woodland track as the previous photo which I thought was pine marten.
This scat was considerably smaller and a different shape to previous one.


No identification made yet.

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Difficult to say could

Difficult to say could still be fox to be sure its best to get in DNAed

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Again, we need some idea of size. Fox droppings vary considerably depending on what it has been eating. If eating mammals then it is hard and consists of fur and bone; however, at the other end (pardon the pun) if, as in autumn, it eats lots of berries it is a black paste - more like a birds dropping.

Graham Banwell

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