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Not quite as pinkish as in picture. About an inch across.
(If there's enough of the red seaweed to say what that is - it would be a bonus!)

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It is a worn and broken

It is a worn and broken cockle of some kind, I think.

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The Red Seeweed

It's difficult to say whether there's much of this kind of seaweed around because when I've tried to identify it, I've found there are so many which look (to me) the same as each other. When I went to the shore a few days ago, the whole beach was covered in disintegrating seaweed and much of it was red. It may well have been swept right back out to sea again by now but if it's still there, perhaps I should go and disentangle some.

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Red seaweed

As Gramandy says, S chordalis has a very limited distribution in BI, and finding it would be good.
You are right that there are several reds which look alike. The Seasearch guide (well worth the money I think) gives Gracilaria gracilis and Cystoclonium purpureum as similar species, and there are several more with a not dissimilar morphology.For all of them the type of holdfast, branching pattern, shape of cross- section of main branches can be helpful in ID. There are internal differences but those need a microscope.