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White nudibranch

Observed: 14th March 2013 By: paula ferrispaula ferris’s reputation in Invertebratespaula ferris’s reputation in Invertebrates
white nudibranch

Fluffy looking nudibranch found on animal turf of low shore rocks in sheltered bay, about 25 mm
Out of water the gills take on a distinct star shape.

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Quote from "A.

Quote from "A. pilosa is easily distinguished from other British nudibranchs by its overall 'fluffy' appearance."
there's another example at that hasn't been distinguished enough

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pilosa - Latin pilōsus, from pilus, hair.

Yes, I remember the fluffiness from mine here
Picture 1 (original) show the rhinophore I was looking for - thanks.
A few iSpot posts show these creatures out of water where fluffiness is, of course, absent.