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Sawfly (Arge?)

Observed: 10th June 2011 By: MikeA52MikeA52’s reputation in InvertebratesMikeA52’s reputation in Invertebrates
Arge sm1
Arge sm2

From the antennae, I would guess this was a species of Arge, but seems to lack the orange abdomen of some of the commoner species, and looks rather pale for berberidis. Unfortunately the photo`s are not that good, but I would be grateful of any suggestions.

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ID comment

Yes, it is an Arge species, those distinct antennae confirm that.

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Arge ustulata

Possibly A. ustulata but there are some very similar species.

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Many thanks, Chris.

Many thanks, Chris.

Mike Andrews

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the antennae show it's Argidae - Arge, Aprosthema or Sterictophora. Here cell 2RI on the forewing is closed, confirming the genus. I've nothing on species yet

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