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Raja egg case.

Observed: 14th March 2013 By: nightflynightfly’s reputation in Fishnightfly’s reputation in Fishnightfly’s reputation in Fish

Thoughts please on this egg case, one of 3 similar looking cases found on a short stretch of shoreline yesterday. They look quite similar but in the last pic the one on the left is noticably shorter. This observation relates primarily to the first 2 pics. Using this key( I have once again arrived at Raja undulata(size+very rough edges on present keels). If this is undulata I have mis IDed some others whcih are quite different. I'm confused now. They look like Raja clavata also but the rough edges! Help please. All 3 already steeped overnight.

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Hi Graham,You are most

Hi Graham,
You are most probably correct about clavata. One thing about these 3 cases (found in quite close proximity to each other) which puzzles me is that they are all extremely similar looking to each other, structure+ the rough dangly bits along the keels- BUT, there is quite a difference in the size of this one and the other(left of picture) which at this stage we are in agreement is also clavata.