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What bats do I have?

Observed: 14th March 2013 By: DHPainter

I put this bat box up last year as we always see bats throughout the year here on our North London allotment. Yesterday we noticed bat poo, we think. Is it possible to identify the species from it? I measured the length - it varied but 10-13mm and 2-2.2mm width. Some of the poo had a white tip, something they have eaten?

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I go with...

....bird but may also be tit of some kind.

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Birds' poo

Me too. In my day, last century, I 'did' bat droppings.
They are mono-coloured, a little furry but otherwise not unlike mouse drippings..
look here http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/55719

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Certainly, you have bird droppings. Wrens (sometimes a great number!) bbbbbbbbbbbbb (sorry, typed by cat) but also other species roost in bird & bat boxes. However, those long thin ones do look bat-like. They key is to pick them up & see if they crumble away to dust. If so: bat. If not: some sort of small mammal.

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poo mix

thank you guys, really appreciate your thought on this.

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Definitely a bird but hard to say what, ABKs identification of wren is most probable but other species will roost/nest in bat boxes so I've added a generic identification of bird. If you watch the box you may see what species is going in and out. You could also wait till autumn and open the box, the nest shape would help determine which species. You want to remove the nest anyway if you hope to get bats.

Looking at your photo up the box I think the reason you have had a bird in there is that the gap is too large, to get pipistrelles, the most common species to use boxes, there only need be a gap of a few millimetres.

Graham Banwell

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Roosts not nests

If these appeared in winter, not summer or autumn, then there won't be a nest. A Wren roost is just a Wren huddle.

By the time mentioned there could be a few bats around, though, if it was mild. It would be interesting to know what (if anything) is happening now that it is summer - well, in theory, it is summer.