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Plant sp.?

Observed: 14th March 2013 By: Samuel PerfectSamuel Perfect’s reputation in PlantsSamuel Perfect’s reputation in Plants
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For us wanabies, (those of us wondering whether it might be a Mninium or a Plagiomnium, even a filmy fern) it would be nice to have some sort of a scale, perhaps description and habitat, in a posting like this. Not necessarily a rule or coin but, say. 'length of a single leaflet 2mm, very damp, north facing in deciduous wood'.
This allows US to try keys for ourselves then go to Mr Google Image for some support.
Excellent close up - I do know the size of the Mninia - could that be a word?

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Not my observation - Way back in the Cambrian I knew this as Mnium undulatum - have not kept up to date with moss nomenclature


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Oh yes, I am pre-cambrian!
I had not noticed that it was Sam's observation - my plea still applies though.
Anyway, NBN seems to accept old names and gives the new one as a preferred name, so Ambroise is right (if he's right!).
I am using two versions of NBN - I don't like the newest (still-under-test) one quite as much as the not so newest one.

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Many thanks for all the help,

Many thanks for all the help, much appreciated. I will bare your advice in mind when adding a sense of scale with more tricky species like these mosses in future.