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Chingford Hawkwood Yew sp 2013-03-14 (1)
Chingford Hawkwood Yew sp 2013-03-14 (2)
Chingford Hawkwood Yew sp 2013-03-14 (4)
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Torreya californica

Although they are clearly closely related, I don't think this is Torreya, the Californian Nutmeg, which is usually seen in specialist botanical collections. We have a very good specimen in Ventnor Botanic Gardens. The smell of the crushed foliage is rather stunning, I really like it, but it is rather citrus like or some would say old fashioned barley sugar!

David J Trevan

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Thanks, David

...for your comments. I would not normally suggest something so "exotic" but Ian's other observation of a yew with rather strange bark made me wonder if he was in an area of former parkland or pinetum.

And the dense clusters of flowers do look just like those of the Torreya.

Citrus or barley sugar is a long way away from "sage"! Honestly, descriptions of foliage scent are not a great deal of use, are they?

Rachy Ramone

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Thanks for the suggestion Rachy and the comments David.

This specimen was in a part of Epping Forest that i'm fairly sure has never been former parkland (though one or two very small areas of the forest have). I was fairly confident it was some variety of Yew but will have to look up Torreya to see how similar it looks.

The other 'Yew' I posted is right at the end of a suburban street and may well have been planted, which is why I was more hesitant and didn't make an identification for that one!