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iSpot Mentor for workshop

Hi, I'm Les Wallace of Westquarter Wildlife Group in Falkirk. We are running a major wildlife event on Saturday the 15th of June and will have full access to an IT suite. Part of the event will be a bioblitz. Would anyone be prepared to volunteer on the day to run semi formal workshop on how to use iSpot for the public and teachers? Hate to see this opportunity wasted.

Thanks Les



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i spot mentor

hi yeah i would e-mail me thew details and what you would like me to do and whats involved i would be more than happy to help my email address is williegray73@yahoo.co.uk


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Hi Les, I'd be happy to

Hi Les,

I'd be happy to come down as well, or I could send some support materials(iSpot how-to), maybe helpful for people to take home after the event??