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Common Bullfinch

Observed: 12th March 2013 By: chrisbrooks
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Common Bullfinch

Are Bullfinch numbers on the rise, I have never seen so many or not for many many years. They seem to be everywhere I go, this was one of 10 feeding on emerging blossom in one tree. They must be my favourite bird, the male is simply stunning. Once again the wind proved a bit of a spoiler.

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It may be that they are more easily seen at this time of year as they feed on the buds they love.

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Bullfinch numbers

You are probably right but I don't recall seeing so many in recent years.

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Bullfinch numbers

I saw a flock of 6 bullfinches about a month ago locally and I have not seen any for many years. It would be fabulous if their numbers were increasing.

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Great News

I had a pair visiting my garden in late 2011, in s Wales, but nothing since; have they all moved to your part of the world Chris :-)


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A perfectly timed photo! I

A perfectly timed photo! I hope nobody was standing underneath..


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Bullfinch photo

Hi Chris
How did you get such a great picture of the Bullfinch

what camera/lens etc
any tips would be greatly appreciated

I have a pair coming to my feeder but cant get anywhere near them
Phil ( emperors garden)