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Observed: 1st August 2011 By: mgaved

This beastie we found when dj'ing at Fuji rock festival in Japan. Our world's smallest niteclub was set up on the edge of the event next to a stand of bamboo and lots of wet undergrowth. It was in a ski resort in Naeba, Niigata Prefecture, in winter there is a lot of snow but when we were there it was very humid and hot, what I'd always imagined to be jungle conditions. This little fellow had a body maybe 5cm long, you can see its sitting on a 2" x 2" piece of painted black wood, a standard screw head near to it. I went to take down the unit and found this beastie sheltering from the light and rain. It hopped right up and scared the living daylights out of me :-)

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thanks for the identification!

Thanks Dennis!

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Cool looking beastie

Love the story with it also :)

A female Diestrammena japonica with her ovipositor

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Thanks Jenn! I had to look up ovipositor so I learnt something extra today, cheers :-)

We were getting quite twitchy by the time we found this beastie, the previous year one of our crew had ended up with an ankle in bandages because he'd got bitten by some jungle insect monster and the locals had warned us not to go into the bamboo and other tall plants in the damp hillside.... right after they'd positioned us next to said jungle undergrowth which meant we had to go in to attach various bits of rigging. So when we found this alien looking beastie during the takedown we were quite nervous, and as soon as it started hopping around we fled in all directions. I am sure the locals are still laughing about our reaction to this day....

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No wonder!

With a build up like that and a very striking beastie in a world away from home (: