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Unknown plant

Observed: 26th June 2012 By: gmmreece
Unknown plant

I am looking for an ID on the small shrub in the background of this photo.
I am referring to the dark green foliage with the fern like appearance.
I have looked in all my ID books but have been unable to source any further.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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s h s

If I'm right this may have spread from suckers from a nearby plant

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Could be Sorbaria... they look a bit "bushy" for Sumach. And there appear to be two identical-sized ones, neatly side by side. Which could indicate that they were planted there.

Also, Sumach leaves tend to "droop" from the central rib.

Georgina, have you only recently moved into this garden? Or have you been there for years, and these plants have just popped up? If the latter, then they are almost definitely suckers of something, and you may well be able to see the parent tree if you look at what is growing in your neighbours' gardens.

(Although sometimes a neighbour has an excessively boisterous Sumach cut down, which prompts it to produce suckers for yards around, so you may not be able to see the mature one.)

Oh, and I hate to sound critical, but you appear to have a dead dog on your path...

Rachy Ramone

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Positive Ident you've all given and confirmed

Thank you all so much for your assistance in this matter.

It was for a friend of mine and I only saw the bare fluffy stems which are currently in place and this was the only picture she could supply me with.

I shall now inform her as she seemed so pleased with it but just had no idea as to it's ID.

I believe the dog was in fact sleeping at the time this photo as it is still very much alive and kicking today. Cheers though, would have been disastrous if it had been the case and had not been spotted.



P.S. They were there when she moved in and there doesn't seem to be a parent tree which it could have suckered from so they are defiantly intentionally planted in these areas. Good thought though. I may not have considered this as an obvious possibility.