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3 Species of Cased Caddis

Observed: 7th March 2013 By: bradanbradan’s reputation in Invertebrates
3 types of cased caddis
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3 types of Cased Caddis ,anyone know the proper names .The smaller curved ones we call "Sandy Coats" the other two are mostly nameless.So any name you have as well as the proper Latin ones would be most appreciated.

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Hi Bradan,In Ian Wallaces

Hi Bradan,

In Ian Wallaces 'Simple Key to Caddis Larvae' two types of larvae are described as having -"one or a few long pieces of plant fragment sticking out a long way beyond the rest of the case." The two species are Mystacides azurea and Anabolia nervosa. Your four large cases on the left might be one of these 2 species.

Do you have any measurements? The adult of M. azurea is very small with a wing length of 6-9mm, your cases look quite substantial and might be more likely to belong to the larger A. nervosa(The Brown Sedge) which has a forewing length of 10-15mm. Thats if its either of these at all but possibly going by the available info.


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You should maybe put up a new

You should maybe put up a new ID including the family name Trichoptera in the scientific name box as it will link the observation to other Trichoptera observations.

Measurements would probably be quite important as in my above comment I am making a fairly big assumption that these are not very small cases.


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Thanks Cathal Yes they were

Thanks Cathal
Yes they were all quite large specimens that I found,I often find them in my kick samples but no so large as these were(the reason I posted them).I'm estimating that they were about 3cm long.I will edit n add some more pics.

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They might well be Anabolia

They might well be Anabolia nervosa. Caddis cases are often surprisingly large for the insect which resides within and for the adult which emerges from that. A. nervosa is a reasonably big adult caddis- there are very good images of it on iSpot if you search it. Might be it, its quite common and very abundant where it is found.

For me those sand particle cases are harder to have a guess at, someone else may be able to narrow it down.


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Anabolia / Halesus

The large ones with the long sticks are likely to be either Anabolia nervosa (the Brown sedge) or one of two Halesus (Caperer) species. Next time you find them have a look at the head pattern - if you see a distinct pattern of black blotches that looks like a Rorschach card, then it is Anabolia. Otherwise it is probably Halesus.

The large stone cases look like those made by Potamophylax - when they pupate their cases are often found fixed to rocks in clusters.

Smaller sand cases could be various things, including younger Potamophylax larvae.

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Thanks inopinatus for the ID

Thanks inopinatus for the ID tips.

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Agree with most comments.

Agree with most comments. Halesus and Poamophlax certainly but also probably Microptena and Chaetopteryx.

Ian Wallace, UK Trichoptera Recording Scheme