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Mangled Shrew

Observed: 5th March 2013 By: jonmortin
Bristol Regional Environmental Records Centre
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Body length 60mm. Tail length 40mm. "Two-tone" fur?

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Hairy tail

I was looking at the tail which seems quite hairy as in a pygmy shrew, whereas common shrews are more likely to have bald tails especially on top. Could the plump look just be that it has been flattened in the mangling?

Gill Sinclair
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My key to British Land

My key to British Land Mammals (FSC) says tail around 70% body length for Pygmy Shrew, 50% for Common Shrew. Mine works out as 67% so close to proportion for Pygmy Shrew. I thought the coloration was distinctly 2 tone not 3 tone. Also noticed the tail was hairy.