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Observed: 28th November 2012 By: dejayM
Biological Recording In ScotlandHighland Biological Recording GroupOrkney Biodiversity Records Centre
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Penny's worth

No need to agree, though it is an observation. I'm half expecting an ID challenge or an iSpot refusal though!

    Likely ID
    Gathering (Escargatoire)
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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Some spellings Pellucid Glass (Vitrina pellucida) and Common Chrysalis (Lauria cylindracea).
The direct Hot-link refused to paste. Here tis..

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Not much of a mouthful...

...but luckily I'm veggie anyway. Lovely selection. I was about to put a snail or two up as well, but I'm a novice on IDs of these. Anyway, just what is the collective noun for snails?

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According to

An escargatoire, rout or walk of snails

Perhaps a spirality

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Yes, that's the spirt Mark. But I am still wondrin' why Joe asked the obvious.
No mouthful there, though Joe - those are real coins.
Put up your snailies, there are plenty here who would advise you.
I am very interested in others' mini-snail exploits.
At the garden centre they are known as a crunch or a squelch (collective noun)