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Toad heaven

Observed: 8th March 2013 By: trevindevontrevindevon’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptilestrevindevon’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles

Their croaking alerted me to their presence. They weren't there yesterday

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Lovely, lovely. A REAL change from frogs and their innards!

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It's an amazing pond only about 50 yds from a small waterfall that drop directly onto the beach or into the sea. Later on I see tadpoles all along the stream. Dont know how many go over the edge. Obviously enough survive to breed again.

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I have noticed, over the years, that Toadpoles appear to be quite salt tolerant. Often in splash-zone rock pools on Mull for instance.

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salty toads

I have found toadspawn in a small stream flowing over the top of a saltmarsh at Porlock Weir Somerset. Have not seen if it developed though

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In Wales as well!

This behaviour has been seen by a friend of mine in rock pools in Pembrokeshire!

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That's interesting. I suppose that eventually a tenacious toad could climb up the cliff. Its about 100feet but not vertical. More a very steep scree-like scramble. Might take a fair time but as long as there is food I dont suppose it matters.

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Climbing toads

They are pretty skillful climbers. I once found a toad in a hole five feet up an apple tree. I think it had used the ivy ti climb up.