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From what owl?

Observed: 7th March 2013 By: Rew832
From What Owl?

A large owl pellet with large bones from I assume a large prey. Found on edge of heathland and birch woodland. 50pence to give scale. Is it possible to tell from what owl?

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Hi Rew832,Are you sure this

Hi Rew832,

Are you sure this is an owl pellet? It is quite like an old washed out fox dung. There might be a bit too much there to be a raptor pellet?


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Looks more like a scat than a

Looks more like a scat than a pellet.

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Scat or pellet?

I also think that this is most lkely to be a weathered dropping rather than an owl pellet. Shape looks more like a dropping, whilst the structure and 'consistency' of the matrix material in the 'pellet' (as far as that can be determined from a photograph) seems to indicate the same.