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Observed: 27th February 2013 By: Brian Knell

I found this bird mandible at kent wildlife Trust headquarters and want to use it as an artifact in a teaching pack.Identification has defeated lots of knowledgable people involved with the trust, can you identify it? It is about 8 cm long.

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Scott - have you measured the Magpie mandible? 8cm would seem to be a bit on the long side; I also wonder if it is a bit narrow for a Magpie.

It would be useful if Brian could measure the width at the base of the mandible (in mm) as this might help and also the depth of the mandible bone where it is part of the bill. Equally if he could say something about the habitat in which it was found as this could also be of assistance. Other species which we may wish to consider might be:

Black-headed Gull
Common Gull
Green Woodpecker?

As the previous people who have been consulted have indicated, this is not an easy one.....and possibly harder because it it is a photo which cannot easily be compared with a reference collection

Thanks for submitting it