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Pyrrhidium in Kent?

Observed: 10th February 2013 By: MikeA52MikeA52’s reputation in InvertebratesMikeA52’s reputation in Invertebrates
Pyrrhidium small

A number of these beetles have appeared in our living room over the course of a couple of weeks. If I have identified the beetle correctly, it is surprising to find it in Kent, and at this time of the year. I can only assume that they have come out of the the firewood that has been brought in, which includes off-cuts of oak from a local supplier, but I guess could have come from further afield.

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That's a great photo of an attractive beetle! It has been found more widely in recent years, with recent published records for Buckinghamshire and Nottinghamshire, and I see there are a few dots around London on the NBN map linked above.

Movement with supplies of cut wood seems to be the most likely reason for it turning up in new places. See this account from Worcestershire;

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Thanks Martin. It is always

Thanks Martin. It is always good to come across a rarity that is actually on the increase. Rather like the Box Bug, of which I have found several over the last few years - one actually landed on my daughter`s car as she was driving home, and she managed to save it!

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Pyrrhidium sanguineum

Although we call them Welsh Oak Long horn they are common in Central Europe. I don't think they associate then with Wales and I think the beetles may be polyphagous.