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Observed: 5th March 2013 By: spacemouses

About 20mm long. Several found in house. Not my picture, but I have been asked for ID if poss.

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can L. melanops be ruled out?

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ID comment

There are several very similar species. It may be Lithobius forficatus but without a key and a strong lens, ID to species level would be very difficult. Best enter a revised ID of just Lithobius.

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ID comment

It's dark, so Lithobius forficatus is most likely species. However, L. melanops is frequently found indoors, but tends to be smaller, paler and has distinct dorsal (central) stripe (but not always!). Indoors it is possible to get Lithobius pilicornis (especially in cellars)- even up north. Thus, I agree with Chris, ID should be Lithobius sp.

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Add the ID

Ian (Thistle), add the ID so we can all agree with you. Regards Chris

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Is this Lithobius melanops?

Although rather dark, I perceive a distinctly darker broad central band along it and the shapes of the tergite T9 seems more like that species. Not the usual colour of Lithobius pilicornis or even, in general, L.forficatus I think.

L.melanops is widespread in houses and has been introduced by humans to various parts of the World.