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Bracket Fungus

Observed: 3rd March 2013 By: Psmyth21Psmyth21’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
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EDIT - changing to Bracket Fungus.
I think this is similar to the horses hoof fungus identified on other posts however it isnt formed with as steep a side, i.e. the gradient from the outside edge to the tree stump is more gradual than the hoof fungus photos others have put up.


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Thanks Rob, I've been (incorrectly) calling this horses hoof but was never sure. Looks much more like the Ganoderma pictures on the other posts.
Thanks again.

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Hi Pete Colour and appearance

Hi Pete

Colour and appearance of Ganodermas are v. similar to hoof fungus. Hoof fungus is mainly on birch, although apparently does occur on beech in the south (although I've never seen it on beech).


Rob Coleman