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Bark Damage to Holly Tree

Observed: 10th February 2013 By: FrancesCattanach
Unkown bark damage

This photo was brought into North Wales Wildlife Trust office. The damage was no more than 1 metre off the ground. We have had many suggestions as to what the damage might be; wild goat, deer, hare, rabbit, our thought is it seems too methodical in character to be ripped off by a goat or deer, and more horizontal in nature rather than vertical. Any thoughts gratefully received!

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seems to be an animal with lower as well as upper incisors so not deer,sheep etc.
I suspect rabbit or hare

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meant to say rabbit damage can be quite high if done when they were standing on deep snow !

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Interesting. You may want to

Interesting. You may want to enter rabbit as an ID

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)