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Observed: 3rd March 2013 By: dejayM
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Tystie 1
Tystie foot

I call these sea-starlings - because they group and twitter.
Incredibly red gape and legs. Tystie is the Northern Isles name - Shetland claims it but it is Old Norse (Old Norse theist, theisti)

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Thanks Chris.
I was expecting a challenge (I am coming to expect challenges) over the name - surely its a Black Guillimot! Surely?

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Common Name

Hi Derek, no challenge as the Latin name is the important one for Black Guillemot. I'm always interested to see local names, they are very interesting. Regards Chris

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Wikipedia have both names listed, do you know its origin ?

Edit - I didn't read your text properly, I see it's of Norse origin.

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late 18th century: of Norse origin (Old Norse theist, theisti) but is still called a Teist in Norway. See
The Vikings will have brought the name - Orkney was Norse until 1231 (so I'm told!)

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and in German

Gryllteiste... nicely links Norse and latin names!

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There, see, I KNEW someone would! Challenge I mean.
Well done Derek - let's see who agrees most!
You've been kind to me, so I've been kind to you..

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Did you manage to read the ring and report it? Any details of this bird?

David Howdon

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never miss

Oh yes David, I never miss.
A Shetland bird, not far from its ringing site, 8 years old I think.
In my day I have found and reported a lot, including a 26 (nearly 27) yr old Arctic Skua. I think living by the sea, increases your chances of rings a lot (I am not a current ringer)

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White spot

From the look of it the white spot just looks like over-exposure due to light reflected on a damp patch.

David Howdon