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House Sparrow

Observed: 5th March 2013 By: chrisbrooks
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House Sparrow

I'm seeing lots of House Sparrows, could their numbers be on the rise. Then again I speak to others who haven't seen one in some time.

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on the rise

this surprised me on the London Birders website last night:

"Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens: singing male House Sparrow at Long Water Sanctuary East, near bridge (the first record since 24th April 2006)"

'House Sparrow' is even written in bold type, normally reserved for unusual or rare birds!

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I am not sure but were I am in Northumberland I never had Sparrows and over the past three years have from on pair of house now have 7.I also got my first pair of tree sparrows last year and they are still about so hope they nest this year.


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I have really only been "paying any attention to nature" for the last 12 months or so, but I have seen reasonable numbers (flocks of 12-30) in a variety of places in S Wales. Not sure whether the numbers seen represent an increase or just stability.

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Beside the seaside!

Down in Margate, there are always lots in bushes by the cliff edge, towards Walpole Bay. I reckon like the rest of us migrants from London they like the sea air! Don't see many in the garden though.