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Rose suggests that Field Speedwell has solitary flower heads in leaf axils, so is this Germander Speedwell?

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Add revised ID

I would be quite happy for you to add the Germander ID. I don't really know the distinction - I was torn between the two IDs but thought the leaf shape was more like the picture of Field Speedwell I had been looking at.

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Veronica chaemedrys

There are rather a lot of Speedwells! However,you ask about V. persica versus V. chaemedrys. Leaf shape is not very helpful I fear. Normally the first thing one looks at in Veronica is the flowering pattern. Has the plant got single flowers growing on long or short stalks from each leaf axil (where the leaf joins the stem) or are there side branches each with multimple flowers? The former is the V. persica form, the latter (as here) V. chaemedrys. But beware, within each format there are quite a few species, and although I think this is V. chaemdrys it is not very typical.

Chris Metherell
BSBI VC Recorder
North Northumberland

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Much appreciated

And happy to accept V. Chaemdrys.