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Unknown Spider Dec 12

Observed: 22nd December 2012 By: fransjemanfransjeman’s reputation in Invertebratesfransjeman’s reputation in Invertebratesfransjeman’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Whoops.. didn't see the country of observation..

..that downgrades my answer to 'might be this' as there may be others with cheliceral horns on the continent.

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Moin Matt, the ID is OK and

Moin Matt,
the ID is OK and there are no other species on the continent with such pronounced horns as the ones of Ph. opilio. But, I think the "horns" in this case are the elongated Patella of the palps?
Lars Friman

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Hi Lars

In the smaller version the palps suggest the normal look and jizz of a well horned male. In the larger picture its clear that the horns aren't extensive, I believe they are still present but fore-shortened by the angle.

I'd personally downgrade my confidence on the ID a notch, as strong chelicera projection is not clearly evident.

I'm still hoping to get on top of this group, however despite the small number of species I find them trickier than the spiders for some reason!


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Other details interesting to

Other details interesting to prove this is this species: pedipalps very long, general color, spines on legs, legs round in cross section.... Maybe a big ocularium but this is difficult to see in this picture.

Sometimes, some male have smaller horns than other.