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Observed: 3rd March 2013 By: Ann BaughanAnn Baughan’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Apologies for not knowing the type of tree this lichen is growing on


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A busy trunk

I agree that there is a Flavoparmelia sp. and Parmotrema perlatum here. Parmelia (probably P. sulcata) and Hypotrachyna revoluta also appear to be present.


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With a certain amount of imagination

I think there are at least 8 foliose lichens here. I agree with those already suggested.

Possibly there are two Flavoparmelia species, yes to F. caperata but also a flatter thallus that has a definite air of F. soredians about it; there is Hypogymnia physodes, and, maybe [heightened imagination on] Hypotrachyna afrorevoluta [heightened imagination off] as well as H. revoluta. Then there is some nasty Melanelixia type thing lurking at the left.

What you need is a dollop of nice, local, traffic or agrochemical nitrogen pollution, and you can get rid of all this confusing biodiversity and have a tidy trunk yellow with Xanthoria and grey with Physcia spp. Makes lichenology so much simpler.