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Observed: 23rd July 2009 By: miked
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a very annoying plant as I'm sure I've seen it before but can't find it in the flora. Its possible it is an introduced species. It was growing in natural habitat on shingle at Dungeness but within a few hundred metres of gardens.

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red hemp-nettle

A very variable plant, which is perhaps why you couldn't find it in the flora.

Bob Ford

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Red-hemp nettle

Relatively common in the old chalk quarries of the Yorkshire Wolds but I've never found it elsewhere. Hardly surprising you could not find it, both Rose and Fitter show it as bright red. However, the ones we get are more the same colour as your photograph, confused me until a local botanist identified it for me. The illustrations in Keble Martin are much better; Stace describes the flowers as reddish-pink.

The name is G. angustifolia, not G. angustifolius, pedantic I know but...

Graham Banwell

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