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Deformed cherry

Observed: 18th February 2013 By: terrycrynantterrycrynant’s reputation in Plantsterrycrynant’s reputation in Plantsterrycrynant’s reputation in Plants

Is there a particular cause for growth like this?

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Cherry Stem

Terry's identification still stands - my eyes are not good enough to distinguish padus from avium from these photos. My comment is on the flattening/distortion.

This sort of distortion is known as Fasciation, a genetic disruption that can have a host of causes. It is quite common on domestic plants, particularly Roses and Forsythia but I've not seen it on Prunus before. Last year it was quite common on Bryony. The name means "Banded" or "Striped". Someone once told me that the Romans used to carry a rod made of small sticks laid flat so it could be used to slap or slice... can't find any further reference to this, though.