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Tapir, South American

Observed: 20th June 2010 By: EmiinfoEmiinfo’s reputation in Mammals

We passed every day thru this road in the Paraguayan Chaco, and one morning we saw this tapir that was dead beside the road, for sure victim of a car accident, please drive carfully,and respect speed limits, if this car could not stop for the tapir it would not stop for another car or a person.
For respect to the dead animal and to those who visit this web I don't show the photos of the compleate animal.

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What a shame!

In GB we see the occasional deer, lots of badgers, foxes and pheasants killed by the roadside so I'm afraid careless drivers are everywhere. However to be fair sometimes creatures appear so suddenly, especially at night time, that it is difficult to avoid them. I hope it was a quick end for your tapir. Thank you for the sober reminder about keeping to speed limits.

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Nothing else found in South America has three toes like this and the Brazilian tapir is the only one found that far south.

When I visited Ecuador I was told drivers are taught to hit any animal that walks in front of you because the roads are so narrow, dangerous, empty of other cars and in such poor condition that to swerve could mean you going off the road; often with fatal results. As bad as it is for the animal, having driven on Ecuadorian roads I could see their point - I just drove more slowly to give myself time to react, and to avoid the caves - pot hole would be doing them a dis-service!

Also, I should think hitting something as solid as a tapir would do considerable damage to your car so you'd have to be an idiot not to try and avoid it. I've seen the effects of hitting a roe deer, much smaller, lighter animal and I suspect the car was a wright-off. Mind, what would be a wright-off in Britain is probably a well maintained car in some parts of South America from what I saw!

Graham Banwell

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