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Money Spider

Observed: 11th September 2012 By: dejayM
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Judging by my finds, this is one of the most common spiders in Orkney - under stones, dry areas, lives in a tent - perhaps the Bedouin Spider then?
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No jumper

Thanks keredtrams. I appreciate your near certainty but this is a dasher and a grabber - I've watched them closly.
Tell us what made you suggest a jumper.

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Goodness Alan, that's cool.
I had my doubts when I saw the whole range of NON lookalikes in Google images. But some, as you imply, look like.
If Rafael, Estaban and Fernando, are right, then YOU are right!
I will hold my options for now, looking for more evidence, but you might win the prize - well points!
Well done, specially without looking at its privates!

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Just checked up on Textrix - According to Roberts it's a highly distinctive species and the long spinners allow easy identification even with the naked eye. I at least am sure now.

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Sure now

Yes, I'm happy. I wonder if the aracno... arachon.. er spider team will be happy?
I have agreed and uploaded another different view.