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Canada Geese in Flight

Observed: 28th February 2013 By: Simon WalkerSimon Walker’s reputation in BirdsSimon Walker’s reputation in BirdsSimon Walker’s reputation in BirdsSimon Walker’s reputation in BirdsSimon Walker’s reputation in Birds
Canada Geese, in flight, Little Paxton, 2013-02-28 001

And jolly noisy they were too.

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Hi Simon, hope your foot is better. How are you getting on with your new full frame Canon ?

I have just pre-ordered the new Nikon D7100, 24 mps and an inbuilt 1.3 crop factor option which gives a resolution of about 15mps. I'm eagerly awaiting its arrival at the end of March.

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Thanks, Chris

Kind of you to ask. The bruising's pretty much disappeared (I won't put the pictures up of what it looked like, it's X certificate), but the ligaments will take longer to heal - another three or four weeks, the doctor says. Until then I'm really restricted on walking any distance. So frustrating, and all due to a moment's inattention!

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Got so caught up with my ankle...

...I forgot about the cameras!
The Canon 5D MkIII seems to be pretty good. it's really good in low light - quite amazing, really. I've stopped using the 7D at the moment; I'll be bringing it out again in the Spring, and carry it with the macro lens. That way I won't miss so many shots when changing lenses.
I'll be interested to hear how you get on with the Nikon D7100. If I weren't tied into Canon I think I'd be looking at it. And save myself a fair bit of cash at the same time!
I couldn't find a user review of it yet though, which is why it'll be so interesting to hear how you get on with it. If I were in your shoes, I'd be like a cat on a hot tin roof with anticipation!



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Butting In


I know that I'm butting in and that it's nothing to do with birds. However, Nikon announced the d7100 on 21 Feb and my new d7000 arrived from Hong Kong on 22 Feb. How's that for bad timing?


Bill Henderson

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The Nikon D7000 is still a great camera with which no doubt you'll be very pleased Bill. I have used the D300 for about 5 years now and have been itching for an upgrade and at last it's here.

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Here Am I, a Canon Man...

...and I've got a discussion about Nikon cameras on one of my posts! Doesn't that seem a bit odd?



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Nikon / Canon

From an ex-Canon man now converted to Nikon it makes perfect sense.