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Leaves 009

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leaves 009
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Small roundish 5-lobed thin leaf central on tall spindly stalk with red base. Each lobe itself slightly lobed/jagged. Not hairy

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Is it from a dry of wet

Is it from a dry of wet habitat?

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Dry / wet

Well, I am not really sure. This was the first time I had walked this particular path and I had no notepaper and failed to observe the immediate environs; just saw it and thought "hmm" and picked some [there are strict laws in IoM against picking wild flowers].
The site in a dingle at the edge of a golf course was very wet. There was a brook/stream slightly lower. There was a lot of ponded water around (some with some VERY interesting discolouration) but I do not know it's permanent condition as for months everywhere here has been very wet.
Probably wet.

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Hi it doesn't look like

Hi it doesn't look like Geranium pyrenaicum to me, espceially because the leaves you have pictured seem rather glabrous (no hair), and they are rather small for that species. Geranium lucidum has glabrous leaves but tend to have slightly larger leaves, and doesn't have those jagged lobes. Have you though about Hydrocotyle spp. (aquatic to semi aquatic). There may be garden escapes also that have similar leaves. I think if you key it out with John Poland's vegeatative key, you'll get the correct answer - unless there are more inspired botanist out there on ispot?