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Unidentified small tree

Observed: 14th February 2013 By: heatherl123

1-yr old tree,appeared last year in back garden,has grown about 2 ft in one year. Retained quite a lot of leaves over the winter. leaves alternate,long entire.stem smooth, bit reddish at the top. plant pliable. sorry so hard to distinguish in photo. Growing in clayey earth, maybe slightly acid, often flooded when it rains.

  • willow or dogwood
    Confidence: It might be this.
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unidentified small tree

would be grateful if someone could identify this

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unidentified small tree.

I would be grateful if someone could identify this.

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No pic makes it difficult to

No pic makes it difficult to help

Mark Smithson

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If the leaves are alternate..

...then it can't be Dogwood.

But really, a picture would help.

Rachy Ramone

How to take close-ups with cheap phone and hand-lens:
Field Guides for Budding Botanists:

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A picture has been put up as a new observation ...

... which has opposite leaves. (But I am only assuming that it is the same plant.)

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sorry picture missing,will

sorry picture missing,will try again