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Is this a woolly bear?

Observed: 1st March 2013 By: seatrustwales
Sea Trust
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Hairy brownish caterpillar; short black hair on underside, with longer auburn hair above. Length is approx. 3cm. Found in long grass just above a pebble beach.

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Hi Seatrustwales and Mark, on

Hi Seatrustwales and Mark,

on this occasion its the first ID up, the fox moth. Seatrustwales if you would like to add in the scientific name 'Macrothylacia rubi' I would be glad to agree. You can do this by adding a revised identification, you can't alter your original one.


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Hi Seatrustwales, I'm sorry I

Hi Seatrustwales,

I'm sorry I should have left this alone for longer so that you could post the ID with scientific name. I was sort of surprised there when I checked and found that I'd put the ID up the day after you posted, I had thought it had been a few days! Sorry.


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Hi Cathal, Absolutely no

Hi Cathal,
Absolutely no problem at all! We are still really new to this, and this was actually our first observation, so we're still not completely up to speed! But we're really grateful for your ID, that's the reason we put it on here at the end of the day - because we weren't entirely sure! So thankyou!