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Bat In flight last day of Febuary 2013

A bat was recorded in flight at Boultham Park, Lincoln UK at around mid-day 28-02-2013. Temp just above freezing, last nights frost still about. It had been tracking up and down a short stretch of the Pike Drain in brilliant sunshine. There were flies in flight but as far as I could ascertain only small midges.*

There were two other witnesses. I attempted to photograph it, but my point and shoot was not up to the challenge. It did land in/on a mature alder, but could not be seen from the ground, it was some 5 M up the tree. A large hollow branch was noted.

Nether of us could ID it; it was light brown, with a wing span of around 18 cm's, ears were not apparent.

Altogether a very eventful day.

* All the winter Diptera I record were ether beaten, swept, or tapped into view with very few exceptions.



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Had one flying around mid-January this year in west London. Local bat person did indicate that they had reports of the occasional Pipistrel during the winter

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5 March

I saw one - no idea of species - flying in the Scottish Borders on 5 March this year. Just on the 250m contour so well into the hills. About 2pm on a bright and relatively warm day with some flies about. Two others also witnessed this.