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Semi-albino Blackbird?

Observed: 4th March 2011 By: adrianashleyadrianashley’s reputation in Birds

Unusual colouring with lots of white bits.
I saw this bird many times a couple of years ago. Have yet to see another one like it in the same area.
I’m assuming it did not get to breed successfully (although from what I observed it had no difficulty defending its patch from other blackbirds) or the white markings were not passed on to its offspring.

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semi-albino blackbirds

In some birds eg Barn swallows there is a relationship between the amount of white colouring and reproductive success.

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I have one similar in my area

I have one similar in my area in Kent. I observed it for sometimes. On seversal occasions, it was attacked by some other blackbirds as well. Most of the time it sat in a quiet corner in the park on its own. Though, sometimes the gene might not show up.

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This blackbird appears to be showing signs of leucism - where there is a partial loss of melanin pigment, rather than albinism.

The BTO are currently organising a survey to see how common this abnormality is. It might be worth submitting your record to the survey on the BTO website?

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Thank you for the extra

Thank you for the extra information.
I have clicked the links and read the articles with interest. I also entered this sighting in the suggested BTO survey.