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Observed: 27th February 2013 By: Psmyth21Psmyth21’s reputation in Birds

Sparrowhawk flying over woodland

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Oh, I wonder if you meant to post a picture.
I am quite keen to see more posting without a picture. Tests people's observations and deductive skills.
You can still do it here if you have no pic.
I think it was your first posting - look at the trouble you are causing in the second!!

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Thanks Derek, yes this was my

Thanks Derek, yes this was my first post and I wasn't entirely sure if posting observations without the need for others to help identify was ok. I was really just saying I saw a sparrowhawk!
The info you posted on the 'black eggs' post was really useful. I'm looking forward to more posts and joining the debates.


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Well worth

I'm certain that it is worth posting your 'ordinary' sightings.
But it is worth your while, as it is your first posting, to reidentify it with its scientific name and word-describe it.
However do not expect much feedback, as postings without pictures don't get shown in the Home Page previews (carousel).
See my miserable trial attempt here
Of course I KNEW it was a Raven and of course I had a picture but with only two agreements, it shows the value of even a poor pic. In fact, with birds, the poorer the better - it brings in the experts, who'll be fighting to ID!!

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It is still unlikely Pete, that anyone (in their right mind) would agree.
You need (if indeed we should persue this) to add some ID notes.
After all "flying over woodland" suggests a thrush or more excitingly, red footed falcon (the cheek of it!).
Personally I think you should leave this one and move on now. When you have your five bird 'stars', people will come back and tick I Agree!
I'm stalking you now.

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Yes, I'm for leaving it now,

Yes, I'm for leaving it now, still not entirely sure what the etiquette is and when observations should be edited or for what reasons. I’ll leave the sparrowhawk alone after this!
I’ve posted a fungus which I edited after a comment came in with which I agreed having looked further into the suggested ID. Is that the norm?
Nearly the weekend again and time to get out to look for more of that odd ‘black egg’ stuff.

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No ID sometimes

Yes Pete, it's the norm I have found.
But you should be patient - we are bound to make regrettable mistakes in our early days.
I'd advise a few postings with 'It could be this' or even no ID but ALWAYS add a few descriptive words - that way you will get constructive comment.
I happen to believe that it is Comment which is so important to this site and our learning.
People seem to be Hell-bent on getting points at the mo.