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Observed: 17th February 2013 By: beachcombercoconut
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Black/brown bird with white throat. I saw this dipper at the edge of a loch close to forest and watched it diving and swimming which I had never observed before. I understand there is a scottish subspecies with a fine chestnut band but my photo is not good enough to be sure.

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Your bird will be of the subspecies C. c. gularis, which is the subspecies typically found in most parts of Britain.

We also have C. c. hibernicus, which has less chestnut between the white breast and dark belly, and which is found on the west coast of Scotland, including the Outer Hebrides, and in Ireland (+ the 'Black-bellied' Dipper, C. c. cinclus occurs occasionally as a rare visitor.

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Thank you Roy for that is

Thank you Roy for that is really helpful.