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Slavonian Grebe

Observed: 24th February 2013 By: GenghisAttenboroughGenghisAttenborough’s reputation in BirdsGenghisAttenborough’s reputation in Birds
Slavonian Grebe, Walthamstow

A rare visitor to the Walthamstow Reservoirs, certainly less than annual, seen on the East Warwick and found by Paul Whiteman.

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I went looking for this bird yesterday around the island on East Warwick but found only Little and Great-crested .. can't win 'em all (still I did see the one on neighbouring Lockwood with the Whooper swan a few years ago)

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That's really unlucky, apparently it has been there today - worth another try, especially south of the island. It does spend a lot of time under the water, I must add. I think this is my second for the area, had another on the Lockwood in 2010 which I will add later