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Evening primrose

Observed: 29th July 2009 By: Jonathan
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Oenothera flower
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Seen by the roadside.

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Its not O. biennis, thats the

Its not O. biennis, thats the easy bit! Getting to an actual species name is more tricky, I have some keys to Oenothera but the names seem to be constantly in revision so they are probably out of date by now.

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From the wild flower book

From the wild flower book Blamey, fitter and fitter 2003, the species is most likely O. glazioviana, large flowered evening primrose (it used to be called something else when I worked on them).
However since the plants are also grown as crops its quite possible they could be artificial hybrids, I saw a very large collection of hybrids and species from other parts of the world over in Essex many years ago some of which were very good at persisting long after they had been grown as farm crops.

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Large-flowered evening-primrose

I agree with Mike, but only because Rose and Stace both say O. glazioviana is the only one where the style is longer than the fillaments as in your close-up photo. Unfortunately, this species most readily hybridises with the others. Whether the hairs on the stem are bulbous and red at the base is another distinguishing feature.

The site is typical of where I've found evening-primroses; rough, diturbed wasteland.

Graham Banwell

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