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Observed: 26th February 2013 By: AndreKanaan
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This is not a British species. The closest I can find is something like Buprestis octoguttata, a European jewel beetle, but that has only 8 spots and no central stripe down the pronotum. Did you find it indoors? Or in some product you've just bought?

Richard Jones

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I found it outside upside

I found it outside upside down on my car... I just search it up on the internet and found something similar... This is the link to the photo of the one I found it is a Australian jewel beetle

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Keith Alexander organises the recording scheme for this group of beetles, and he says this is "one of the many species in genus Buprestis that have spots. They often get imported in softwood packaging, boards, even furniture." Their larvae develop inside dead wood.

Entomologist and biological recorder